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Monday, 13 February 2006


Bart Vercauteren

Hello hello,
I compared your recipe with the one I have for making limoncello. Only the amount of rinds seems to be a very large amount. I use a lemon planer(?) to peel off my mandarines. But 100 gr fo 1/2 liter of alcohal seems impossible to get using 10 mandarines. So I wondered if it might be a writing error and could it be 10 gr instead of 100 gr for 1/2 liter alcohol. I hope so. I guess I will need about 60 mandarines to get 100 gr of rinds.

Kind regards,



I made the limoncello. The only difference I see is that I boiled the sugar with the water to make a syrup which makes it thicker and gets rid of the grains. I added another bottle of the alcohol half way in the curing process. Had 40 days of waiting on either side of adding the sugar. Lots of work but what a great tastes. Now I will have to try orange peels-see if I can make Contreau.


Hi Katie - I get my bio produce at the Le Panier Vert at 22, bd Marechal Foch. They normally have a pretty good selection. Also, the Marché Provençal has a lot of bio produce on Fridays.


Where can you find bio oranges in Antibes?

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